Our Story

Founded in 2015, YUKINO Foods  was established on the premise that our time on the planet Earth is transient and limited. Pollutants – especially man-made ones — in the air, water, and food threaten to curtail our individual, precious life time further.


Whether due to poor dietary habits, lack of nutritional awareness or access to high quality food, consumers and families in the congested cities across Southeast Asia routinely ingest foods laden with pesticides, chemical preservatives, or processed ingredients. 

YUKINO Foods was founded by a Japanese naturalist entrepreneur — a Harvard Medical School-educated clinician who after 20 years of witnessing & treating human diseases, the excesses of modern society’s consumption, as well as the industrialized food chain — gradually awakened to the underlying connecting fabric between food, nutritional science, health care, and natural beauty. 

With official certifications from Singapore’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), YUKINO Foods is a pioneer leader in the still-nascent Singapore organic and natural foods market.  We provide a truly organic & natural alternative for ASEAN’s health- and life-conscious consumers.   

This is why we take great pride in our company motto:  “Organic Life Time®”.