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Our Story

Founded in 2015, YUKINO Foods was established on the premise that our time on the planet Earth is transient and limited. Pollutants – especially man-made ones — in the air, water, and food threaten to curtail our individual, precious life time further.


Our Mission & Philosophy

At YUKINO Foods, our culture is predicated on our core principles.

• Returning humanity to our pre-industrial, pristine agricultural origins

• “Inside-Out”™ and “Outside-In”™: good health & nutrition begins with • food intake

• In the age of skyrocketing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer rates, the causality between the Food we eat and our body’s Health has never been more clear.


Our Products

Our products are certified organic or naturally grown produce sourced from our Farmer-Producer or food supplier partners, in countries ranging from Western Europe to South America.

We select and procure only the finest of quality small-scale family farms, communes, or food suppliers to become our business partners.

Together, we share the same passion and belief in socially responsible, sustainable & biodynamic agriculture.

Our Presence

We have operations across the diverse markets of Southeast Asia, working closely with local communities. ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations


Our Founder & CEO

Our Founder & CEO is a Japanese naturalist entrepreneur and private investor. A great admirer of nature and animals, he comes from a 3rd-generation agricultural family farm, descending from the Kanto region of Japan.


Contact Us


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Retail Customers

If you are interested in becoming one of YUKINO Foods’s retail customers, please send to:

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General Enquiries

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